Our Story

How We Started An Event Revolution

The REVOLUTION team is passionate about our creativity and proud of our expert craftsmanship. We have more than 25 years of experience transforming events and venues. We strive to make sudden, complete, and marked changes in the event world by providing unique and powerful solutions for our social and corporate clients. REVOLUTION strives to provide compelling environments, unique user experiences, and lasting memories for our clients and attendees.


With our new 100,000-square-foot headquarters facility, more than 15,000 events and counting, 110 REVOLUTION employees, and a full service design center (come play!), rest assured that you’ve found your partner in the event world.




It All Started With A Boom...A Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

In 1989 the Cermak family entered the world of special events with a small start-up called Fandango Productions. Fierce creativity, a strong work ethic, and a giant dose of ambition led the business to experience meteoric growth. Ten years later, the National Award-winning company was sold but the family continued to design and develop for the new owners.


However, entrepreneurial blood runs deep in the Cermak family and the urge to start their own special event company surfaced once again and they started Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. Chicka specialized in personal and customized private events that allowed their creativity to soar. Three years later they bought back their original company Fandango and created Chicka-Fandango.


In no time the company became a formidable presence in both social and corporate events expanding their reach beyond the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area. The evolution of REVOLUTION is circuitous but we are here to stay in the event design and production world.

Meet The Team

Our diverse, award winning ensemble of artists, designers, producers, fabrication professionals, and crew allow REVOLUTION to achieve and maintain the highest standards in event design and production. See the faces behind the creations.


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