Creative Options To Entertain Your Guests

Our diverse, award winning ensemble of artists, designers, producers, fabrication professionals, and crew allow REVOLUTION to achieve and maintain the highest standards in event entertainment. Our staff dreams big and designs bold every day. Our passion and risk-taking is generating buzz...come play with us.

Gentleman Jack gold sequin linen, dome chairs

Event Entertainment At Its Best


Artsy Partsy

Watch your guests create a masterpiece at your next event! Each guest receives a 1' square with a paint by number design they will paint during the party (approximately 5-15 minutes). As tiles dry, our staff mounts the individual tiles to a large canvas creating the final work of art!


  • Send us your photo, logo, or desired design
  • 8'x8' completed project
  • 8'x12' completed project
  • Or let us know the ideal size of for your event
Revolution_Disguise Shoppe_Ghosted-07

Disguise Shoppe

Ever want to know if blondes really do have more fun? A quick visit to the disguise shop at your next event might lead to long blonde tresses, a hip Afro, sexy red curls, fake eyelashes, or even a new stache!


  • Event specific wigs, lashes , sunglasses ordered for each event
  • Temporary tattoos and tattoo sleeves
  • Fun assortment of hats and more!
Revolution_Hat Attack-Ghosted-33

Hat Attack

Wacky Hats of all shapes and sizes abound! Guests can create their own phenomenal headgear by choosing from a variety of hat bases! Creative attendants can make custom hats for the guests or they can create on their own! Watch people's personalities change once they put on their custom hat.


  • Cowboy hats, fedoras, floppies
  • Berets, tiaras, baseball caps, knit caps
  • Embellish with - gems, feathers, trim ,fake hair, flowers, fun props, and more!
Revolution_Boomtown Tees_Ghosted-02

Boomtown Tees

The coolest decal shop with hundreds of designs, colors, and styles available to choose from your very own boardwalk t-shirt shop for your events guests! A personalized memento to take away!


  • T-shirts and sweatshirts are most popular
  • Sweatpants and tanks are also fun
  • Or create the ultimate shopping experience and have a variety of items to choose from!
Revolution_Paillette Artists_Ghosted-08

Pailette Artist

The ultimate in glam art! Have your likeness or the likeness of the guest of honor created out of sequins on a grand scale (10'x10'). A fun interactive activity for your guests. They help create the artwork.


  • Available for temporary and permanent installations
  • Honored guests
  • Company logo
  • Albert Einstein - the possibilities are endless!
Revolution_Design Your Sound_Ghosted-05

Design Your Sound

Amp up your party with a station to customize headphones for all of your guests!


  • Choose headphone color
  • Colors, patterns, letters for ultimate personalization
  • Have our graphics team design an event specific sticker
  • Combine this activity with a Silent Disco
Revolution_Favorite Place On Earth_Ghosted-03

Favorite Place On Earth

Your guests tell our staff their most favorite place on earth and they look up the coordinates.


  • Custom T-shirts with the coordinates are produced on site
  • No two shirts are the same (unless two people have the same favorite place)
  • The ultimate conversation piece!
Revolution_Pillow Talk_Ghosted-06

Pillow Talk

Create a custom pillow with your name on it or any fun saying you'd like using different patterns and colors of fabric.


  • Seamstresses sew the pillows on-site on sewing machines in front of guest's eyes
  • Fun for all ages
  • Amazing take away momento from any event!
Revolution_I’m In It To Win It_Ghosted-04

I'm In It To Win It

Revolution's take on the classic game, pits contestants against the clock! Contestants compete in fun and silly activities in an effort to complete them in less that 60 seconds.


  • Available in stationary game show set or traveling game
  • Games like "A Bit Dicey" - balance six dice on a popsicle stick held in your mouth
  • Or "Face the Cookie" - using only your face, move a cookie from your forehead to your mouth
  • And many more fun and exciting games for your guests!
Revolution_Tattoo You_Ghosted-25

Tattoo You

Have a professional tattoo artist at your event. Your guests get inked on the spot! Talk about a permanent souvenir of your event!


  • Choose guests in advance to get inked
  • Or let guests get inked on a first come, first served basis
  • Two, four, or six artists depending on the size of your party and number of tats you'd like done!
Revolution_Shake ’em Up Bar_Ghosted-14

Shake 'Em Up Bar

The Shake 'Em Up Martini Bar is fantastic entertainment for corporate and social events alike. Three girls (or guys) are built into a martini bar and are identically costumed to match the look of your event!


  • Synchronized choreographed moves
  • Clever jingles for each martini ordered
  • Song and dance with every drink ordered!
Revolution_Sports Games_Ghosted-09

Sports Games

Always a popular addition to any event, we have an assortment of sports games to use at your events.


  • Pop a Shot - 1 hoop, 2 hoops and 4 hoops games available
  • Foosball Table
  • Air Hockey Table
  • Piing Pong Table
  • Billiards Table
  • Connect Four
  • Carnival Game Booths
  • Giant Labyrinth
Revolution_Model Photo Booth_Ghosted-27

Model Photo Booth

Let your guests feel like super models for a day with our Model Photo Booth experience. We'll bring out a professional photographer, white backdrop, big fan, lighting, and more!


  • Glam model photos shoot
  • Sports Star
  • Furniture, props, wigs,etc.

The Sprinkle Bar

The most delicious activity in REVOLUTION's arsenal. What's the best part of a cupcake? The icing and sprinkles! Our attendants help guests sprinkle their lips, which makes for attractive and delicious fun for everyone!


  • Sprinkles
  • Icing
  • Edible Glitter
Revolution_Voodoo Bar_Ghosted-15

VooDoo Bar

"Where you too can Voodoo" - a great bar for Halloween or New Orleans-themed events! Our Voodoo priests/priestesses will do their magic on your guests custom concoctions!


  • Herbs representing various personality properties
  • Cinnamon for wealth, cardamom for protection, etc.
  • Guests then steep their bag of herbs in the alcohol of their choice
  • Mojo Magic!
Revolution_Truth or Dare_Ghosted-18

Truth or Dare

A super fun interactive bar experience! In order to get a drink at this bar your guests must pass a lie detector test! If you pass the test you get your drink, if not we dare you to find another bar!


  • We come up with fun truth or dare questions or you can send us a list
  • Answers can be anonymously displayed on a large screen or plasma
  • Non-stop fun!
Revolution_The Love Spell Bar_Ghosted-16

The Love Spell Bar

Storybook spells and potions are every girls dream. Our seductive bartender will work with you to select from our list of love spells!


  • Dash of "Endless Love"
  • Hint of "Unwanted Love Removed"
  • Essence of "True Love Found"
  • Abundance of "Passion"
Revolution_Wheel O Drinks_Ghosted-29

Wheel O' Drinks

Always a popular edition to any bar! We can create a wheel that is completely custom to any event.


  • Bartender's Choice
  • Spin Again
  • Prize
  • Bride's Favorite
  • CEO's Usual


We setup 10 bottles of wine that are masked and small tastes of each type are poured for guests. The challenge is to match the descriptions of the wine on the scorecard with the taste of the wines.


  • Hint of vanilla with blackberry undertones?
  • Nutty flavor, oakey finish?
  • Berries and chocolate?

It's harder than you think!

Revolution_Eco Activities_Ghosted-24

Eco Activities

These eco-friendly activities are great for the environmentally conscious. Creates awesome takeaways for guests that are good for Mother Earth!


  • Make your own organic, under the counter composter
  • Eco-Chic Birdhouses
  • Tees for Zzzzs
  • Hand-Stamped Jewelry
  • Custom Cutting Boards
  • Herb Gardens
  • "Living in the Arts"


Our bead shop offers enormous possibilities limited only by your creativity. Our talented staff will work with you to design one-of-a-kind items for guests!


  • Necklaces and bracelets
  • Beads, ribbon, leather roping
  • Pewter pendants or shells
Revolution_Video Bar_Ghosted-19

Video Bar

This bar is 15' long and features a 3.5' by 10' built-in video screen. It can display any idea content desired... sponsor logos, videos, or just imagery that fits your environment!


  • Branding opportunities
  • Rolling content
  • Photo slide show
  • Corporate messaging