Whether it's having branded waitresses along your guests path to reduce bar lines, synchronized swimmers to occupy them while the room is flipped, or providing modular walls to easily transition from meeting to cocktail hour, our team is looking for the out-of-the-box ways to make your event a showstopper.

Facts and figures are boring. Instead, use a custom-designed maze to keep people engaged and interested as they learn.

Make dessert service an event in itself! Enter: Marie Antoinette-inspired giant macaron cake. Take. Eat. Repeat.

When the client wants to make a premier feel more intimate, we build them each their own living rooms.

Your program ends and 400 guests head down a single staircase. Keep the bar lines shorter with drink servers along the way!

When you can't choose between two themes - do both! Glam meets basketball with a mirrored court.




Transforming events and venues for over 25 years, we at REVOLUTION are passionate about our creativity and proud of our expert craftsmanship. Our goal is to make marked changes in the event world by providing unique and powerful solutions for our corporate, social, and nonprofit clients.


We do this by creating compelling environments, unique user experiences, and lasting memories. With our 100,000-square-foot headquarters, 15,000+ events (and counting), 110 employees, and a full service design center, you can rest assured you’ve found your partner in the event world.

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