Case Study: Tattoos and Tassels Rebranding Launch


The Challenge

With over 25 years of success and national acclaim, event powerhouse, Chicka-Fandango wanted to merge its social and corporate entities under one company name, while concurrently moving into a new 100,000 square foot headquarters.  The company had strong name recognition within the events industry and needed to ensure that business would abide a re-branding.


The Solution

Throw all of our creative might into an event that was “for the party people, by the party people” inside of our new warehouse. Each row of the warehouse was transformed into a collection of mini-parties to highlight each capability of Revolution Event Design and Production.


The Party

We pulled out all of the stops! The event featured more than 20 vastly different areas ranging from blind wine tasting in "Tuscany," baby goat petting zoo and live tattooing, to an all gold bridal space featuring the Love Spell Bar where guests had the ability to create deliciously potent potions. Plus, we included a one-of-a-kind silent disco experience hosted inside of a refrigerated semi-truck backed up to the loading dock.  We indubitable started a REVOLUTION!



The invite-only event drew in close to 1,500 of the Mid-Atlantic’s top party planners, event professionals, and vendors.


Event Management

Revolution Event Design and Production is no one-trick pony.  Over forty vendors were incorporated in each area’s unique design concept. REVOLUTION oversaw the entire advancing and planning process, inclusive of concept development, power/equipment needs, dock management for load-in and load-out, development and management of the volunteer program, and run of show.



The re-launch was a huge success.  Revolution has gained brand recognition amongst our loyal clients, and throughout the mid-Atlantic region.  The event has garnered immense press coverage and generated a significant increase in client acquisition.