Case Study: Lipton’s 125th Milestone Anniversary

REVOLUTION, in conjunction with our New York based partner Track Marketing, teamed up to design and produce Lipton’s first annual BE MORE TEA FESTIVAL in Charleston, South Carolina. The festival at the Riverfront Park at the Navy Yard in North Charleston, encouraged people to take time to interact with others while engaging in visual and interactive experiences, creativity, and inspiration, which were showcased throughout the festival show grounds.


The two-day event celebrating Lipton’s 125th milestone anniversary brought fans together for an exceptional celebration with music, food, fun, and a few surprises. Highlighting the even was the construction and reveal of the World’s Largest Iced Tea Pitcher.


Certified by Guinness Book of World Records, the massive 12-foot tall, 2,000-gallon pitcher containing freshly brewed iced tea, served festival attendees as they interacted with large scaled games and posed with Lipton branded giant sunglasses design and constructed by the REVOLUTION team.  Center stage featured live music from Passion Put, The Roots, Walk the Moon, and St. Lucia.


Specializing in the management, fabrication, décor, and installation of all things festival related,REVOLUTION is your one-stop-shop partner to coordinate your next event.